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What equipment are needed in the cow manure fertilizer production line?

What equipment are needed in the cow manure fertilizer production line? The traditional pelletizing equipment of the whole set of organic fertilizer production line includes: the disc fertilizer granulator, the new type of agitator rotary fertilizer granulator, the double roller granulator or the flat die fertilizer granulator. The whole set of equipment such as the dryer and the cooling machine need to be equipped for the granular organic fertilizer production line, with the price ranging from 200000 to 300000. The cow manure organic fertilizer production equipment covers a small area, saves money, labor and effect Good. It's a lot of choices for the first small investment.

Small organic fertilizer production equipment is based on some farms, such as chicken farm, pig farm, cattle farm, etc. to ferment chicken manure, livestock manure and produce small amount of organic fertilizer as raw materials, so as to solve the problem that the stink of chicken manure, pig manure, cattle manure and sheep manure can not be dealt with in time, and can also be processed into organic fertilizer to increase income. Moreover, the price of this equipment is low, which is acceptable to most farms?

Cow manure fertilizer production line can be made into: powder, spherical granular, cylindrical, flat spherical. The fertilizer granulator equipment used varies with the particle shape. The materials produced by disc granulator, rotating granulator and agitator granulator are spherical; the organic fertilizer produced by double roller granulator is oblate, etc., and there are many kinds of granulators for you to choose.

The investment of small-scale cow manure organic fertilizer production line needs to know. The processing technology of cow manure organic fertilizer production line and the processing of commercial organic fertilizer need two steps: the pre fermentation and processing part and the deep processing granulation part. Organic fertilizer machine includes: chicken manure dehydrator, fermentation dumper, semi wet material crusher, mixer, fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, roller screen, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor.