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What is the Black Hair Algae and How to Get Rid of It?

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How to get rid of black hair algae?   also known as black brush algae, is one of the most common algae in the planted tank, and one of the most difficult algae to remove in the planted tank. It has certain damage to aquatic plants and will affect the beauty of the entire planted tank. The reason why there are black hair algae in a planted tank is that the ecological balance of the aquarium was not established in the early stage, giving the black hair algae a chance to survive.

The features of black hair algae:


The black hair algae is a kind of algae that can use almost all visible light for photosynthesis, and the photosynthesis it can perform is impossible for other aquatic plants and other plants. This is why it is easy to survive in any environment.


The structure of the black hair algae is very different from other algae. Its body contains an ammonia-fixing enzyme, which can convert the dissolved ammonia in the tank and absorb it by itself, but it has a weak ability to absorb phosphorus.


The black hair algae are mainly derived from spores-like reproduction. They usually bring in these spores when other new creatures are kept in the aquarium.

Based on the above reasons, we have summarized some methods for removing the black hair algae:

In the early stage when the black hair algae began to reproduce, you can add some snails, Yamato algae shrimp and other algae eaters in the tank and let them eat the black hair algae. After the algae-removing creatures are put in the tank, the feed amount should be reduced, because too much feces and feed in the tank will also provide the black hair algae a good living condition. At the same time, you need to change the fish tank water frequently. If possible, you can use germicidal lights to reduce the number of spores in the water. We suggest you try this Aquarium UV Sterilizer. It can also help to kill bacteria and viruses in the aquarium. Usually, it can not be put in the fish tank directly. It should be placed in the filter tank if you have one. If you do not have a filter tank, we suggest you add the Aquarium UV Light Hood first before putting the UV light into the aquarium. When changing the tank water, you must clean up the feces of the organisms in the tank. At the same time, you must cut off the leaves which have the black hair algae to prevent it from reproducing. There are already special medicaments for removing the black hair algae now, and the effect is also good. But when you use them, you must pay attention to the dosage. You need to remove the aquatic creatures before adding the medicament in the tank. You can also add some drugs that remove phosphorus.


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