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What is the difference of granulation process in NPK fertilizer production line?

In general, NPK fertilizer production line processing granulation process common are: spray granulation, tower granulation, ammoniation granulation, drum granulation and so on. Is there really a big difference in the production process of different fertilizer granulator machine?

Next, we will explain their differences from the material characteristics and application.

Comparison of physical properties

Particle uniformity and whether there is caking phenomenon are the factors we often consider when selecting fertilizer. So, what are the particle properties of different processing technologies?

1. High tower granulation

NPK fertilizer production line using high tower granulation process has uniform particles, bright color, and clear holes in the middle. the fertilizer granulator machine can not be made by other traditional granulation methods such as extrusion, drum and agitation, which is also a discrimination method for identifying high tower fertilizer.

If you look closely, you can see that each particle has a small pinhole

High tower particles are not easy to agglomerate because of the low moisture content in the process of high temperature. However, in summer, moisture absorption and caking will occur.

2. Spray granulation

The fertilizer produced by spray granulation has uniform particle size, is not easy to harden, and its color is relatively white.

3. Ammoniation granulation

Ammoniation granulation also belongs to spray granulation, which is uniform, bright in color, stable in quality, easy to dissolve and absorbed by crops.

The particle shape is irregular and has strong anti caking ability.

4. Drum granulation

The appearance of particles is general, the hardness of particles is low, easy to pulverize and agglomerate, and the storage resistance is poor.

Application Comparison

1. Ammoniation granulation

The ammoniated granulation NPK fertilizer production line has the characteristics of uniform granulation, bright color, stable quality, sufficient nutrients, easy dissolution and absorption by crops, especially as seed fertilizer, it is relatively safe for seeds.

Suitable for all kinds of soil and wheat, corn, fruits, peanuts, vegetables, beans, flowers, fruit trees and other crops and cash crops. It is suitable for base fertilizer, seed fertilizer, top dressing, etc.

When used as base fertilizer, especially for cash crops, the effect of increasing production is more obvious.

2. Drum granulation

In the dry years, the effect of topdressing is faster for crops with shorter growing period.

3. Tower granulation

The high nitrogen NPK fertilizer with high tower granulation mainly has the proportion of 30-10-11, 25-10-16, 20-10-10, 28-6-6, which is suitable for various field crops and economic crops. For example, wheat, corn, rice, cotton, etc. can be used as base fertilizer and top dressing.