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What's the most popular crate product in the market?


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Which is the most porpular crate product in the market? 

There are many porpular shape of crate. We are talking with europe standard fruit crate, vergertable crate, milk crate, bread crate, and thinwall crate, folding crate, stackable crate, bulk crate containers, collapsible crate, europe pool crate, nestable crate containers.

Now we can start one by one to analysis for each crate molding line. 
We will offer you with fruit crate molding solution, vegetable crate molding solution, bread crate molding solution, milk crate molding line and so on. 

Also, for bottle crate molding line, such as coca cola crate molding line, pepsi crate molding line, 24 and 12 bottles crate molding line, beer bottle crate, and other beverage crates.

For instant, thinwall crate molding line, folding crate or collapsible crate molding solution, bulk crate molding factory building solution and so on. 

Welcome your enqiury and we will offer you our best solution for making top quailty crate moulds and molding crate service.


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