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Where there is a will there is a way : cash for work in early recovery post Merapi eruption

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Mount Merapi is the most active volcanoes in Indonesia and has erupted many times for thousands of years. The formal process of recovery and village rehabilitation took a long time. In the meantime refugees were feeling confused because they have no money and unclear status of their land. In general all the displaced wanted to go back home, but several matters have to be sorted-out. Daily necessities should be fulfilled and they could not fully depend on the disaster management team. It was clear that in such situation they need to earn some money, even though in small amount. They could not go back to their previous jobs for their fields were all covered by lava, irrigation, cattle and tools were lost swept away and broken. At least they need to have some emergency works. In this situation they need simple works and activities that can be done by anyone without any training and sophisticated skills, without long administrative process. Cash for work activities have brought breath of fresh air to communities. Aside from the work to rebuild the village, they interacted with each other. Other than physical results, the atmosphere of working together was another positive result from village rehabilitation. This mutual aid fosters spirit of togetherness in solving issues.

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