Why Grasspave2 Uses Sand Based Root Zones


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Since 1982, Invisible Structures, Inc. has manufactured Grasspave2 porous paving system. Often, ISI sales staff is asked why sand is used in the Grasspave2 structure, instead of soils or organic additives mixed with the sand. Grasspave 2 utilizes a sand based root zone because it provides excellent drainage, resist compaction and provide strength where soil systems prove inadequate.

Sand as a growing medium for turf applications is not new. It’s superior to organic based soils. Experts and turf professors from major horticultural universities have proven this fact. These experts have studied the benefits of sand over organic based soils and tested their theories on sport fields, turf farms, and general use areas. For the last eighty plus years, the golf industry has been looking for a better way to propagate turf grass. Their scientists have come to a simple conclusion; grass does better in a sand based aggregate. Horticultural science is why Invisible Structures’ Grasspave2 uses sand in its specifications. With sand, the grass germinates faster, grows a thicker root zone, drains better and is easier maintained than organic soils.

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