Wild Rose State fish hatchery renovation case study


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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Wild Rose, Wisconsin, USA

After more than 100 years, the Wild Rose hatchery in central Wisconsin was showing its age. Wastewater discharge to a nearby Class 1 trout stream was also a cause of concern. With HDR as its fisheries consultant, the state decided to replace the facility based on the need to address comprehensive issues, from conservation to habitat improvement to state-of-the-art water treatment systems and bio-security. HDR developed plans and specifications to replace hatching facilities and rearing ponds while restoring stream habitat and surrounding wetlands. HDR designed conservation features to maximize water reuse and the facility is hydraulically configured to allow one-time water pumping that meets fish culture program requirements while minimizing energy use and conserving groundwater resources. The HDR design allows the hatchery to maximize use of natural sunlight to attenuate chemical concentration levels.

HDR designed a bio-security system for the hatchery that isolates the egg handling room and modifies the coldwater building plumbing system to prevent potential contamination from passing into other portions of the hatchery. The constant cleaning and reuse of the water in the hatchery has significantly reduced the number of effluent discharge points and effluent loading levels discharged into the Pine River.

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