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Winery: packaged air to air system


Courtesy of Power Knot LLC

J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines grows grapes on 2900 acres in California. From this they produce a variety of wines with bold, concentrated flavors. J. Lohr takes great care to preserve the environment which involves sustainable farming, safe management of pests, water conservation, and energy conservation.

With a view to reduce the energy consumption at one winery, J. Lohr engaged Power Knot to improve the efficiency of an air conditioning unit. Power Knot treated the system with its Synthetic Refrigerant Additive. [In the past, Power Knot referred to the product as the Synthetic Refrigerant Catalyst; the term Additive is now preferred.] After treatment, we measured an increase in efficiency (and corresponding reduction in energy usage) of 20%.

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