API STD 546 For Petroleum Refining Standards


This standard covers the minimum requirements for form-wound and bar-wound brushless synchronous machines for use in petroleum, chemical and other industrial applications. This standard includes synchronous motors and generators with two different rotor designs:

salient-pole type rotors with solid or laminated poles;

cylindrical type rotors with solid or laminated construction.

NOTE 1 A round bullet ( • ) at the beginning of a paragraph indicates that either a decision is required or further information is to be provided by the purchaser. This information should be indicated on the data sheets (see Annex A or Annex B); otherwise it should be stated in the quotation request or in the order.

NOTE 2 This standard may be applied to adjustable speed motors with appropriate attention to the specific requirements of such applications. A diamond bullet (?) at the start of a paragraph indicates additional requirements for motors applied with adjustable speed drives (ASDs).

This standard requires the purchaser to specify details and features. The purchaser shall complete the data sheets in Annex A or Annex B.

NOTE Guidance for completion of the data sheets is provided in Annex D and Annex E.

This standard requires the vendor to complete the details and features in the vendor section of the Annex A or Annex B data sheets. (See Section 6.)

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