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Applications of Cell Immobilisation Biotechnology

Cell immobilisation biotechnology is a multidisciplinary area, shown to have an important impact on many scientific subdisciplines – including biomedicine, pharmacology, cosmetology, food and agricultural sciences, beverage production, industrial waste treatment, analytical applications, biologics production. 'Cell Immobilisation Biotechnology' is an outcome of the editors’ intention to collate the extensive and widespread information on fundamental aspects and applications of immobilisation/encapsulation biotechnology into a comprehensive reference work and to provide an overview of the most recent results and developments in this domain. Cell Immobilisation Biotechnology is divided into the two book volumes, FOBI 8A and FOBI 8B. The FOBI 8A volume, Fundamentals of Cell Immobilisation Biotechnology, is dedicated to fundamental aspects of cell immobilisation while the FOBI 8B volume, Applications of Cell Immobilisation Biotechnology, deals with diverse applications of this technology. This volume consists of 33 chapters that are arranged into 5 parts: Tissue engineering, Microencapsulation for disease treatment, Food and beverage applications, Industrial biochemical production, Environmental and agricultural applications. Audience: This book is intended to cover the needs and to be the essential resource for both academic and industrial communities interested in cell immobilisation biotechnology. An integrated approach to 'biological' and 'engineering/technology' aspects is pursued to reach an even wider audience such as specialists in biomedicine, pharmacy, microbiology, biology, food technology, agriculture, environmental protection, chemical, biochemical and tissue engineering who seek a broad view on cell immobilisation/encapsulation applications. Reviews: 'Selected experts in different fields have contributed to this volume. A large number of references are presented at the end of each chapter providing by this way an additional source of...
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