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Beyond Tropical Deforestation

Against a backdrop of climate change the known interactions between forest cover and climate have prompted widespread condemnation of forest losses. But does the irreversible destruction of forests and their biodiversity mask a wide range of other changes? This book provides thought provoking answers to that and other questions such as: What is deforestation? How should it be measured? Is the outcome always negative or are there some benefits?

The authors draw on the results of fieldwork and theoretical studies spanning the natural and social sciences to examine the true nature of deforestation and how human societies can adapt. It also highlights the further research that is needed to address these complex issues. Examples from Latin America, Asia and Africa illustrate the different dimensions and perceptions of deforestation, underlining the importance of a cross-disciplinary approach on this issue. Scientists, managers, development agencies and anyone concerned with environmental issues will find this book of interest.
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