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Boron in Plant and Animal Nutrition

This book comprises the contributions of the international workshop Boron 2001 which was aimed at gathering all relevant information on recent developments in boron research in soils, plants, animal and men over the past years. Review articles and original contributions deal with both applied and basic aspects in this area, comprising topics such as methods for B determination, the physiological functions of boron in plant and animal metabolism, including use of 10B for diagnostic purposes and cancer treatment. Genetic and molecular aspects of boron efficiency and tolerance to toxic levels in plants and the early physiological reactions to boron deprivation are further important topics of this volume. The role of boron for reproductive development is dealt with in further contributions. Furthermore, improved methods for the diagnosis of the available boron status in soils, plants appropriate timing and leaf fertilizer application are addressed. Special emphasis is given in the contributions to highlight the most recent developments in the aforementioned areas.
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