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Charpy Impact Test: Factors and Variables


Presents worldwide research on the factors and variables of the Charpy test. Consists of 12 papers in sections on The Pendulum-Impact Machine; The Specimen—Notches; The Specimen—Size; and The Test Technique.

MNL 53 STEEL FORGINGS: Design, Production, Selection, Testing, and Application

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Steel Forgings

Why Use Forgings

Effect of Steelmaking

Forging Ingots

Types of Forging

Heating for Forging

Post Forge Practices


Heat Treatment

Mechanical Testing

Nondestructive Examination

Surface Treatment

Manufacturing Problems and Defects

ASTM International and Committee A01 General Requirement Specifications

Forgings for the Fittings Industry

Forging Related Test Methods

Steel Forgings for the Pressure Vessel Industry

>Forgings for Turbines and Generators

Steel Forgings for General Industry

The Role of the Purchaser

Forging Failure Analysis


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