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Chronic Poverty: Vol 17, No 2 of the journal Environment and Urbanization

This issue has an editorial that discusses what it means to be chronically poor in urban areas and the inadequacies of government responses.  There are also eight papers on different aspects of chronic poverty, including:

a focus on particular groups (rickshaw pullers and street children in Dhaka, street enterprises in Kinshasa);
discussions of chronic poverty in particular locations (Cape Town, urban areas in Ethiopia, garrison communities in Jamaica);
a review of the effectiveness of a safety net programme (focusing mainly on two low-income areas in Cairo); and
an assessment of environmental health risks in informal settlements in Aleppo.

the struggles of long-established communities and other civil society groups in Karachi to halt the Lyari expressway and to propose more effective, less costly alternatives;
urban agriculture in West Africa;
the Zabaleen waste collectors in Cairo; and
the effectiveness of an urban services programme in Cuttack (India).
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