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Cryopreservation of Plant Germplasm II

This volume highlights achievements in cryopreservation, chronicles method development, and describes relevant literature. The provided detailed information helps practitioners develop and improve methods for desired species. The volume is divided into four parts:I. Cryopreservation of Germplasm;II. Herbaceous Plants: Barley, celery, chamomile, chicory, garlic, ginseng, hop, horseradish, mint, taro, wasabi;III. Woody Species: Coffee, Eucalyptus, guazuma, horse-chestnut, neem, olive, poplar, oak, Prunus, Ribes, rose.IV. Australian Species.Initially, cryopreservation was driven by the concern for loss of diversity of crops essential for continued improvement of the many plants used for food, health, and shelter. The interest has been expanded by conservationists and their concerns for retaining the diversity of natural populations.
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