Deformation-enhanced Fluid Transport in the Earth´s Crust and Mantle

30% discount for members of The Mineralogical Society of Britain and Ireland The movement of fluids through rocks has profound consequences for the transport of heat and matter within the Earth. Recently, considerable effort has been expended in determining the mechanisms and pathways of geological fluid flow, with much of this research concentrated on the effects of deformation on rock permeability. Although it is well known that fractures can act as conduits for fluid transport (as evidenced by abundant mineral-fined veins and sheet-like igneous intrusions), the role of ductile deformation has now been recognised as an important factor controlling rock permeability in environments as diverse as the mantle, the deep crust, and shallow crustal shear zones. This book brings together review and research articles united by the theme of deformation-enhanced fluid transport, with the aim of emphasizing the many common roots of this important body of work. Subjects covered include the movement of basaltic melts in the mantle; the segregation, ascent and emplacement of granitic melts in the crust; the flow through the crust of volatile fluids produced during metamorphic events; and the movement of aqueous fluids through fractured rocks near the Earth's surface. Deformation-Enhanced Fluid Transport in the Earth's Crust and Mantle will appeal to all geoscientists interested in the movement of fluids through the Earth. It will prove an invaluable reference work for those working in the field and will provide i useful introduction to this wide-ranging and rapidly evolving area of research for non-specialists.
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