Gene Conservation and Exploitation

Broadening the Basis of Plant Resource Conservation; V.H. Heywood. Scientific Issues Affecting Gene Conservation and Exploitation of Some Tropical Perennials; J.T. Williams. The Naranjilla, the Cocona, and their Hybrids; C.B. Heiser. The Conservation and Utilization of Genes from Endangered and Extinct Plants; R.P. Adams. Exploitation of Genetic Resources; P.R. Day. Molecular Evaluation of Plant Genetic Resources; M.T. Clegg. Exploiting the Diploid D Genome Chromatin for Wheat Improvement; E.S. Lagudah, et al. Understanding and Exploiting the Transcriptional Control Mechanisms of Plant Cells; M. Bevans, et al. Expression of Transformed Genes in Transgenic Rice and Tobacco; L.A.M. Hensgens, R.A. Schilperoort. Enhancement of Plant Productivity by Manipulation of ADPglucose Pyrophosphorylase; T.W. Okita, et al. Gene Introgression for Cotton Improvement; D.W. Altman. Index.
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