Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods

RNA Polymerase III Transcription in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae; S. Buratowski. Lens Oncogenesis and Differentiation; H. Westphal. Genetic Engineering of Cardiac Muscle Cells In vitro and In vivo; S.J. Fuller, K.R. Chien. Genetic Control of Plant Ureases; J.C. Polacco, M.A. Holland. Gene Discovery in Dictyostelium; W.F. Loomis, et al. Transfer of YACs to Mammalian Cells and Transgenic Mice; C. Huxley. Plant Genetic Engineering and Future Agriculture; S. Riazuddin. Internal Initiation of mRNA Translation in Eukaryotes; A. Kaminski, et al. Genetic Recombination Analysis Using Sperm Typing; K. Schmitt, N. Arnheim. Genetic Regulation in Plant Pathogenic Pseudomonads; D.K. Willis, et al. Defense-Related Gene Induction in Plants; D. Alexander, et al. The P1 Vector System for the Preparation and Screening of Genomic Libraries; N.S. Shepherd, D. Smoller. 3 additional articles. Index.
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