Genomics-Assisted Crop Improvement

Genomics research has great potential to revolutionize the discipline of plant breeding in order to realize the future needs of an ever growing human population. Several high-throughput approaches, genomics platforms and strategies are currently available for applying genomics to crop breeding. However, high costs invested in/associated with genomics research currently limit the implementation of genomics-assisted crop improvement, especially for inbreeding and/or minor crops. The volume “Genomics-Assisted Crop Improvement” provides a critical assessment of genomics tools and approaches for crop breeding. Volume 1 entitled “Genomics Approaches and Platforms” presents the status and availability of genomic resources and genomics platforms and also devises the strategies and approaches for effectively exploiting genomics research for crop improvement. Volume 2 entitled “Genomics Applications in Crops” presents a number of case studies of several important crop and plant species that summarize both the achievements and limitations of genomics research for crop improvement. We hope that this effort will help those working in crop genomics as well as conventional plant breeding to focus their research plans for crop improvement programmes. The book will also help graduate students and teachers to develop a better understanding of this important aspect of modern plant science research.
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