In vitro Haploid Production in Higher Plants

This third volume on In Vitro Haploid Production in Higher Plants consists of 20 chapters. Each chapter contains some introductory material on the selected plant, the techniques used most successfully for haploid production (anther culture, microspore culture, and ovary culture), the factors that influence the success of these techniques, the identification and genetic characterization of haploid regenerants, the applications of haploids in breeding, and a brief conclusion on the potential of haploid breeding for the crop. The plants covered include vegetable crops (Allium spp., Capsicum, Chicorium, Cucumis, Solanum melongena, Solanum tuberosum); fruit crops (Malus, Fragaria, Vitis); and other miscellaneous crops (Beta, Coffea, Ginkgo, Glycine, Medicago, Saccarum, Sinocalamus latiflora, forest trees). Some chapters also cover protoplast manipulation and genetic transformation.
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