In vitro Haploid Production in Higher Plants

This second volume of In Vitro Haploid Production in Higher Plants is broadly concerned with special applications and phenomena uniquely associated with haploid plants and their derivation. The first section (18 chapters) covers such topics as genetic stability of microspore-derived doubled haploids, transformation of pollen and microspores, gametoclonal variation, bread-making quality of wheat doubled haploids, DNA amplification of doubled haploids, RFLP mapping with haploids, genetics of green plant regeneration from anther culture, combining mutation breeding with haploidy for the improvement of rapeseed, segregation distortion among anther-derived plants, chromosome engineering, self-incompatibility and pollen rejection, statistical models for the detection of quantitative trait loci, haploid protoplasts, gametosomatic hybrids, potential of using dihaploid/diploid genotypes in breeding potato by somatic hybridization, cryopreservation, prospects of microspore-derived embryos for artificial seeds and the future prospects for crop improvement through anther and microspore culture. Section 2 (3 chapters) is concerned with genetic transformation of wheat and Petunia via pollen, and rice through microspore-derived protoplasts.
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