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Installation and operation of a modular bivalve hatchery (En)

Series: FAO Fisheries Technical Papers

Limiting factors such as minimal capital investment, lack of technical support or expertise and available physical space may put severe restrictions on setting up a hatchery. Not all investors have the means or the will to take the risk to support a large commercial aquaculture operation without substantial proof of its production capacity. For these reasons, the setup of an inexpensive modular hatchery may be a simpler option to the start-up of a large commercial operation, or may be sufficient to the needs of a smaller operation.

This manual was written for those interested in establishing a bivalve hatchery, with minimal experience in this activity, limited technical support and restricted access to information. The manual stands as an entity, providing not only the technicalities of setting up and operating a hatchery, but also makes some of the scientific background, deemed useful to the aquaculturist, readily accessible. The manual is divided into chapters for each stage of rearing: broodstock conditioning, algal culture, hatchery, nursery, growout and economic considerations. The first five chapters include both the physical requirements and culture considerations and procedures for the relevant rearing stage. The final chapter on economic considerations provides an insight into the labour involved for each stage of production, along with a list of equipment and supplies, which may be used as a template for a new installation. Contains a CD-ROM of the complete publication.
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