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Key to Aluminum Alloys, 6th Edition


Dramatic changes in both national and international standards, as well as global restructuring of the aluminum industry have made it necessary to update this publication. Easy-to-read tables and charts identifying and finding alloys have been streamlined and it is now easier to find information about the required alloy. Subjects cover:

• Identification of unfamiliar aluminum alloy designations

• Quick comparison of aluminum alloy designations

• National standard and designations (United States, European Union, Canada, Russia, Poland, India, Japan, and Turkey)

• International standards and designations (including Aluminum Association of America, CEN, ISO)

• Trade names and special designations

• Temper designations for aluminum alloys

• Aluminum for special applications

• Standards organizations

English Edition -- Revised & Updated!
Price (North America): $179
Price (Elsewhere): $197

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