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Landscape Amenities

Our motivation for this series was to provide a forum for dealing with the complex and challenging variety of landscapes. The series should bring to the fore the positive and connective aspects of dealing with this variety instead of seeing them as barriers and separating elements. Yet there is not only the variety of the landscapes as such, but also the multiplicity of academic disciplines and approaches that characterize the study of landscapes. We also intended to provide examples of integration of academic knowledge cultures on one topic, rather than having different volumes presenting knowledge from different disciplines. Landscape Amenities is the second volume of the series. The monograph focuses on the socio-economic evaluation of agricultural landscapes in its broadest sense. The book presents the variety of services provided by farmers and agricultural landscapes. Instead of limiting the book to one perspective, Vanslembrouck and Van Huylenbrouck discuss landscape amenities from the farmers’ as well as consumers’ perspectives. These sometimes contrasting views are analysed and synthesized towards a set of recommendations for future landscape management and policy development. The authors offer insight into different types of landscape amenities including non-commodity outputs such as recreational and tourism functions and their economic assessment using the multifunctionality concept as a framework.
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