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Landscape Ecology in Action

This book presents the state of the art of the fundamentals of landscape ecology. It integrates different ecological approaches, in which the spatial arrangement of living organisms and their aggregations are considered as an important component of environmental complexity. A reconciliation between the ecosystem approach and the landscape approach is discussed. Geobotanical, animal and human perspectives are considered and compared with regional (broad-scale) process-oriented landscape ecology. It presents methods and applications for land evaluation and management of the real world, with particular emphasis on the scalar property of ecological processes and their patterns. This book represents a development of the author's previous book (Principles and Methods in Landscape Ecology) with greater emphasis on applications. The first part is devoted to the fundamentals of landscape ecology, critically revisited. The second part focuses on landscape evaluation (resilient properties, fragility characteristics, connectivity aspects, and healthy conditions). The last part concentrates on management approaches.
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