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Lexicon for Sensory Attributes Relating to Texture and Appearance


This fully searchable database is intended to assist descriptive analysis panels and panel leaders in developing and defining terms to describe perceived tactile and visual attributes of an array of products ranging from foods and personal care products, to fabrics and household cleaners.

Users can customize the software by adding, deleting, or modifying entries as needed. (ASTM official terms cannot be modified). This database gives you access to the data listed below.

Modalities—the means by which the properties will be perceived:
• Visual relates to any appearance characteristics.
• Manual encompasses hand feel, skin feel or any assessment with hands.
• Oral is the perception in the mouth.
• Aural is perception with the ears.

Terms—defines and states the perceived characteristic of the product, prescribes a technique, and when available, suggests equipment and materials

Broad Category—classifies products as follows:
• Fabric, Paper
• Food, Beverage
• Household
• Tobacco
• Personal Care

General Product Application—further separates the broad categories into more general categories

Specific Product Application—separates the general product application into specific products such as cookies, shoe polish, shampoo, etc.

The database also demonstrates the Process of Evaluation, which includes:
• Frame of Reference
• Language Generation and Development
• Use of Anchors and Examples
• Developing Techniques and Consistency

This is a valuable resource for:
• Sensory evaluation analysts
• Sensory product development professionals
• QC/QA personnel in testing labs
• Market research professionals who are responsible for product evaluation and product descriptions
• Professionals and students in the fields of fabrics, cosmetics, food technology, meat science, textiles, and cosmetology

DS69 is available for one user, single PC access only. For multi-user access, please contact George Zajdel, ASTM, phone: 610-832-9614; fax: 610-832-9635, or email:

Minimum System Requirements:
• Intel Pentium 200 mhz process or equivalent
• 16 MB RAM
• 300 MB of free hard drive space

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