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Lubrication in Inland and Coastal Water Activities

This book describes successful experiences of many companies, institutions and individual users in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain, that are willing to apply 'bio'lubricants in their equipment and ready to monitor the effects. Their experiences are summarized in useful tips that help the potential user to realize a successful substitution. It describes the different available products and gives an overview of the technical and environmental performance of 'bio'lubricants.

An evaluation is given of the performed innovation process to raise awareness of the existence of 'bio'lubricants, the need to use them and the necessity to involve all relevant stakeholders: lubricant manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, users, governmental authorities, and knowledge providers.

The book is strongly recommended for users, both professional and non-professional, involved in lubricating machines as a guide for their responsible lubricant policy, for lubricant manufacturers and raw material producers as a stimulus for further development and improvement of 'bio'-lubricants.
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