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Oil Crops

The volume on oil crop breeding is the third volume in the series, Handbook of Plant Breeding after the initial volumes on Vegetables and Cereals. Like the other volumes in the series, the volume will present information on the latest in applied plant breeding using the current advances in the field. The book consists of a total number of 19 chapters, with 17 being devoted to individual crops and two chapters dealing with general aspects of oil crop breeding. Outstanding scientists for each crop species are proposed as senior authors, who may invite co-authors to contribute part of a chapter. In order to increase the overall acceptance of the volume, authors from different research groups/countries have been asked to collaborate (if possible) on one and the same chapter in particular crops. The book is comprised primarily of specific issues and techniques pertaining to individual crops. It provides an update of the new oilseed crop development covering mainly Limnanthes ssp. and Cuphea ssp., which represent newly domesticated oil crop species with unique crop or oil characteristics. The last two chapters in the book are designed as introductory or review chapters; they highlight topics of general interest in oil crop breeding such as domestication/genetic diversity, oil crop breeding targets, oil crop and human health issues, selection strategies with biotechnologies and analytical techniques as well as genetic engineering of fatty acid profiles. This book is of interest to researchers in both academic and industrial setting as well as students and teachers of plant breeding.
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