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Organic agriculture, environment and food security (En)

Series: Environment and Natural Resources Series

Organic agriculture is defined as an environmentally and socially sensitive food supply system. This publication examines its many facets, looking at the contribution of organic agriculture to ecological health, international markets and local food security. It builds on empirical experiences throughout the world and analyses the prospects for a wider adoption of organic agriculture. Numerous scenarios depicted in this publication represent the millions of people from all social and economic backgrounds who have adopted this new agrarian ethic on the integrity of food.

The small farmers who seek fully integrated food systems are given recognition throughout the publication. They, along with the consumers who are creating market-based incentives for ecological management of agricultural systems, are at the centre of the 'organic movement'. The publication discusses the weakness of institutional support for nurturing existing knowledge and exchange in organic agriculture - support that could further enhance organic agriculture's positive impact on the natural and human environments.
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