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Participatory Learning and Action 52: general issue

Participatory Learning and Action 52 is a general issue. It includes a wide selection of articles, extracts and training tips from participatory practitioners around the world.

developing paralegal extension services in Cameroon;
using PRA with disabled people to promote social inclusion in India;
management innovations in government agricultural extension services in Namibia;
participatory land use planning processes with land reform groups in South Africa;
raising awareness of vulnerability to HIV/AIDS with Maasai communities in Tanzania;
supporting village-level projects with a conservation programme in Tibet;
involving children in municipal planning in Turkey; and,
community-based planning for a road improvement scheme in the UK.

This issue also includes a selection of five extracts from Robert Chamber’s new book, Ideas for Development, published by Earthscan Ltd. Training tips include Reflect approaches to numeracy, and running participatory photographic workshops.
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