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Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems: Meeting the Challenges of the Current Crop Protection Industry


This unique, new volume provides sixteen peer-reviewed papers, which address global topics related to the delivery of crop protection agents to their intended target sites. These papers demonstrate how the industry is working together in a rational and integrated manner with a view to continuing the production of CPA’s that are safe to the user, the consumer and the environment. Subjects covered, include:

From Clinton to Bush: Continuity and Change in Federal Pesticide Policy--addresses topics relating to the legal issues facing the industry and matters concerning inert ingredients

Formulation Ingredients and Design--covers a range of topics including novel polymeric dispersants, clays as microbial carriers, and Alkyl Citrate Ester surfactants. The sessions on formulation ingredients and design were created to appeal to formulation chemists and suppliers of formulation ingredients, as well as to biologists and engineers.

Delivery Strategies--examines non-traditional topics, including bees as delivery agents. More conventional topics include the multiple roles of surfactants in foliar application of systemic compounds; drift reduction using air inclusion nozzle technology; pulse width modulated sprays used for flow rate and droplet size control; application of abscission sprays to orange trees; use of adjuvants to influence Diuron and Norflurazon activity; and the use of humectants to with sulfosulfuron and glyphosate.

Audience: This volume is a valuable source of information for formulation chemists, regulators, and those in industries related to application, e.g., sprayer and nozzle manufacturers.

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