Phytochemical Resources for Medicine and Agriculture

An Historical Perspective of Ancient Poison (Cutler). Plants and Plant Products Used im Mummification (David). Plants Used Medically by Indigenous Peoples (Lewis). Plants as Sources of Medicinally and Pharmaceutically Important Compounds (Kinghorn). SocioEconomic Poisons (Brenneisen, ElSohly). Antiparasitic Agents from Plants (Borris, Schaeffer). Antifungal Compounds in Plants (Kuc). Nematicidal Compounds from Plants (Chitwood). Herbicidal Compounds from Higher Plants (Cutler). Insecticidal Compounds from Plants (Bowers). Natural Medicines Are Natural Pesticides? (Duke). Sources, Levels, and Toxicology (Beier, Nigg). Future for Natural Products (Nigg, Seigler). Index.
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