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PLA Notes 22

1. Sharing our Concerns and Looking to the Future. ~2. Handle with Care! Rapid Studies and the Poor - Clas Lindberg, Vesa-Matti Loiske, Wilhelm Östberg and Claude Mung'ong'o. ~3. PRA and Raised Expectations: Potentials and Pitfalls - Richard Edwards. ~4. The Grandfather Graph - Nurul Islam Nazem and Pete Atkins. ~5. Social Maps and Geographical Transects - some recent experiences in Orissa, India - Prahlad Mishra and Gayatree Mohanty. ~6. Women Prefer Lunchtime - Claus Euler. ~7. Beyond Ranking: Exploring relative references in P/RRA - Simon Maxwell and Claud Bart. ~8.Defending the Land with Maps - Derek Denniston (with Andrew Leake). ~9. PRA in a Health Education, Water and Sanitation Project in Kenya - David Adriance. ~10. RRA in Coastal Resource Planning: Malampaya Sound, The Philippines - Michael Pido. ~11. Rehabilitating Minor Irrigation Tanks - S. Kasivelu, Rupert Howes and John Devavaram. ~12. Diagrams in Demographic Data Collection: Examples from the Tembomvura, Zimbabwe - Ravai Marindo-Ranganai. ~13. PRA for Self-Reliant Rural Development: The case of a resettlement area in Ethiopia - Savina Ammassari. 14. A Participatory Organisational Appraisal of ACORD - Mick Howes and Chris Roche. ~15. Ranking Constraints in a Community Forestry and Soil Conservation Programme - Kebede Asrat. ~16. PRA for People and Parks: The case of Mole National Park, Ghana - John Mason and Elijah Danso. ~17. The Use of RRA in Conservation Expeditions: Experiences from Sierra Leone - Sarah Pocknell and Danny Annaly. ~18. Tips for Trainers: Non-Verbal Sequences. ~Endnotes.
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