Plant Kairomones in Insect Ecology and Control

The nature of the coevolutionary process that produced the interactions between plant kairomones and insect sensory organs suggests that kairomones can be employed for insect control in a variety of baits and traps. This book discusses the major theoretical approaches to the subject, as well as a number of specific applications in pest control. The authors describe their own work with volatile kairomones and their synthetic analogues used in the control of fruitflies and the corn rootworm beetle, and provide an overview of other research in this area. Professionals, professors, and graduate students in the fields of entomology, crop protection biochemistry, ecology, toxicology, and evolutionary biology will find that this concise and timely book contains much new and useful information. Researchers in biotechnology, particularly in the agricultural area, and agricultural, plant, and natural product chemists, will also find here the most up-to-date work available on plant kairomones and pest management.
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