Plant Protoplasts and Genetic Engineering VII

Twenty-seven chapters deal with the regeneration of plants from protoplasts and genetic transformation in various species of Agrostis, Allium, Anthriscus, Asparagus, Avena, Boehmeria, Carthamus, Coffea, Funaria, Geranium, Ginkgo, Gladiolus, Helianthus, Hordeum, Lilium, Lithospermum, Mentha, Panax, Papaver, Passiflora, Petunia, Physocomitrella, Pinus, Poa, Populus, Rubus, Saintpaulia, and Swertia. These studies reflect the far-reaching implications of protoplast technology in genetic engineering of plants. This volume is of special interest to advanced students, teachers, and research scientists in the field of plant tissue culture, molecular biology, genetic engineering, plant breeding, and general plant biotechnology.
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