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Right to adequate food in emergencies, (The) (En)

Series: FAO Legislative Studies

When natural disasters hit and violent conflicts arise, the right to food of innocent people is often endangered. Disruption in food production and distribution, looting and blockades, destruction of crops and mining of agricultural land are but some of the common concomitants of emergencies. All too often, food is used as an instrument to exert pressure on populations and countries. In such situations, States have specific obligations under international law to respect, protect and fulfil the right to food of those affected.

This study examines the international legal framework of relevance to the right to adequate food in emergencies, exploring applicable international human rights and humanitarian law as well as economic and environmental law. In this comprehensive overview of the international rules applicable in natural and human-induced emergencies, principles of humanitarian access, duties of the international community, interventions by the Security Council, crimes against humanity and the ban on deliberate starvation of civilians are discussed and standards regarding food and food related aid are presented.
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