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RRA Notes 18

Includes the following articles: ~1. Genealogies as a Method of Social Mapping in PRA - David Mosse and Mona Mehta. ~2. Are Some 'Participatory' Techniques Culturally Biased? (Or: Are We Hooked on Mom's Apple Pie?) - Gerard J Gill. ~3.Community Self Survey - Huub Gaymans and Yanti Maskoen. ~4. Learning to Use RRA and PRA to Improve the Activities of Two Landcare Groups in Australia - Tony Dunn. ~5. Finding Out How People Prioritise Their Food Security Problems in Chad: the Challenges of RRA at National Level - M. Buchanan-Smith, K. Abdelkader, M. Saleh Abdelmajid, A. Allemane, I. Banguita, Behom, S. Djel, B. Idrissa, U. Kleih, B. Mbailenang, F. Rivière, A. Sainibi, D. Tambayo and B. Vandou. ~6. Community Participation in Small and Big Villages - N. Narayanasamy and M.P. Boraian. ~7. Some Observations on Wealth Ranking after an RRA Looking at Soil Fertility Management in Northeastern Zimbabwe - S. Carter, A. Chidiamassamba, P. Jeranyama, B. Mafukidze, G. Malakela, Z. Mvena, M. Mudhara, N. Nabane, S. Van Oosterhout-Campbell, L. Price and N. Sithole. ~8. Wealth Ranking for Agricultural Research Purposes in the Eastern Hills of Nepal - G.O'G Sharrock, K. Waldie and Y. Joshi. ~9.FARMI's Experiences on Wealth Ranking in the Philippines: Different Farmers Have Different Needs - L. Tung and F. Baliña. ~10. PRA: An Approach to Find Felt Needs of Crop Varieties - M. Manoharan, K. Velayudham and N. Shunmugavalli. ~11. Tips for Trainers: Symbolic Introductions. ~12. Endnotes.
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