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RRA Notes 20: Livestock

Includes the following articles: ~Editorial: PRA and Livestock Development: Some Challenges - Cathy Watson and Adrian Cullis. ~Methods: ~1. A Review of PRA Methods for Livestock Research and Development - Kate Kirsopp-Reed. ~Case Studies: Animal Health: ~2. Ethnoveterinary Question List - Barbara Grandin and John Young. ~3. Planning a Community Animal Health Care Programme in Afghanistan - Tim Leyland. ~4. Seasonal Disease Incidence in the Sanaag Region of Somaliland - David Hadrill and Haroon Yusuf. ~5. Livestock Healthcare for Tibetan Agro-Pastoralists: Application of Rapid Rural Appraisal Techniques - Claire Heffernan. ~6. Evaluation of an Animal Health Improvement Programme in Nepal - John Young, Henk-Peter Dijkema, Karen Stoufer, Narayan Ojha, Goma Shrestha and Lava Thapa. ~Case Studies: Animal Production: ~7. Sheep Husbandry Among Tzotzil Indians: Who Learns from Whom? - Raul Perezgrovas, Marisela Peralta and Pastor Pedraza. ~8. The Progeny History Data Collection Technique: A Case Study from Samburu District, Kenya - Karen Iles. ~9. Rapid Appraisal Techniques: A Tool for Planning and Managing Animal Health and Production Development Programmes - Mauro Ghirotti. ~10.Ranking with Shagaa in Mongolia - Adrian Cullis. ~Case Studies: Natural Resource Management: ~11. Browse Ranking in Zimbabwe - Ian Scoones. 12. Natural Resource Mapping and Seasonal Variations and Stresses in Mongolia - Robin Mearns, D. Shombodon, G. Narangerel, U. Tuul, A. Enkhamgalan, B. Myagmarzhav, B. Bayanjargal and B. Bekhsuren. ~13. Mapping of Seasonal Migrations in the Sanaag Region of Somaliland - David Hadrill and Haroon Yusuf. ~Case Studies: Socio-Economic Dimensions: ~14.Pastoral Production in Mongolia from a Gender Perspective - Louise Cooper and Narangerel Gelezhamstin. ~15. Historical Matrices: A Method for Monitoring Changes in Seasonal Consumption Patterns in Mongolia - Louise Cooper and Narangerel Gelezhamstin. ~16. Livestock, Livelihood and Drought: A PRA Exercise in Botswana - Neela Mukherjee. ~17. Proportional Piling in Turkana: A Case Study - Cathy Watson. ~18. Evaluation of a Community-Based Buffalo Project in Tamil Nadu - John Devavaram. ~19. The Problem and Solution Game - Jeremy Swift and Abdi Noor Umar. ~20. Success Ranking in Garba Tulla, Kenya - Stella Maranga. ~21. Livestock, Livelihood and Change: The Versatility and Richness of Historical Matrices - Karen and Mark Schoonmaker Freudenberger. ~Case Studies: Land Tenure, Conflict and Institutions: ~22. The Application of PRA Methods to the Study of Conflict Management in a Pastoral Society - Michael Bollig. 23. Institution Ranking and Social Mapping in Rural Mongolia - Robin Mearns and D. Bayartsogt. 24. Livestock Rehabilitation Programme in Mozambique - Anabela Braganca. ~25.Endnotes.
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