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Senekelaw ka kuma - Paroles de paysans

This video film focuses on an unprecedented event in West Africa: the organisation of a 'Citizens Jury on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and the Future of Farming'. This citizens' space fo democratic deliberation was held in Mali and was organised by the local government,- the Assemblee Regional de Sikasso-, with the support of IIED.

The video film describes the process whereby malian farmers considered expert evidence on the pros and cons of GMOs, cross-examined specialist witnesses, situated new knowledge in the context of their own understanding of farming, and developed policy recommendations that took into account gender and types of farmers (large, medium small). The film also shows the importance of communication in development. Seven local radio stations were part of a process designed to broadcast the event in real time to a wide audience. Media involvement and other aspects of the citizens' jury design ensured that marginalised local voices were linked into decision making on biosafety and agricultural policies. Last, the outcomes of the farmers' democratic deliberations are highlighted along with the wider debates which this citizens' jury elicited in Mali.
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