Somatic Embryogenesis and Synthetic Seed I

This book covers various basic and applied aspects of somatic embryogenesis and the technology of synthetic seed. It contains thirty-one chapters and is divided into the following three sections:I: Cell's Commitment to Embryogenesis; Early Events and Anatomy; Molecular Basis and Gene Expression; Role of Polyamines; Machine Vision Analysis of Somatic Embryos.II: Applications of Somatic Embryos; Synthetic Seed; Fluid Drilling; Micropropagation; Genetic Transformation Through Somatic Embryos; Cryopreservation.III: Somatic Embryogenesis in Tree Species of Aesculus, Betula, Carica, Citrus, Cocos, Corylus, Elaeis, Hevea, Juglans, Larix, Liriodendron, Magnolia, Olea, Picea, Populus, and Theobroma.
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