Somatic Hybridization in Crop Improvement II

Somatic hybrids through the fusion of plant protoplasts have widened the genetic variability of cultivated plants. As 'Somatic Hybridization in Crop Improvement I', published in 1994, this volume describes how this discipline can contribute to the improvement of crops. It comprises 24 chapters dealing with interspecific and intergeneric somatic hybridization and cybridization. It is divided into four sections:I. Cereals: Barley, rice, and wheat.II. Vegetables and Fruits: Arabidopsis, Asparagus, Brassica, chicory, Citrus, Cucumis, Diospyros, Ipomoea, and various Solanaceous species, e.g., tomato, potato, and eggplant.III. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Atropa, Dianthus, Nicotiana, and Senecio.IV. Legumes/Pasture Crops: Alfalfa.This book is tailored to the needs of advanced students, teachers and researchers in the fields of plant breeding, genetic engineering, and plant tissue culture.
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