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State of Agricultural Commodity Markets 2006, (The) (English)

The 'State of Agricultural Commodity Markets 2006' focuses on the question of why the development and food security needs of developing countries need to be better reflected in the design and implementation of new agreements on further liberalization of international agricultural markets, and on the mechanisms under discussion to achieve this goal. In the WTO Doha Development Round, how to safeguard the interests of enveloping countries, especially the lower-income countries, has proved to be highly topical but is also problematic: the issues and arguments are complex and sometimes controversial.

The stalling of the Doha Round in July 2006 has provided an opportunity to revisit the issues of how future reductions in import tariffs on agricultural products will affect different developing countries, whether there might be any negative repercussions of further liberalization and, if so, how these might be addressed in the formulation of new trade rules.
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