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State of Food and Agriculture 2001, (The) (En)

Series: FAO Agriculture Series

'The State of Food and Agriculture 2001' is FAO's annual report on current developments and issues in world agriculture. It monitors the global agricultural situation as well as the overall economic environment surrounding world agriculture. This year's selected issues feature a discussion of the WTO multilateral negotiations on agricultural trade and a study on 'the cost of hunger', i.e. the negative repercussions that hunger and malnutrition have on economic growth and poverty alleviation.

The agricultural situation by main regions, both developing and developed, is covered in detail, with country focuses on Ethiopia, Viet Nam and Haiti. An important chapter is devoted to the economic impacts of transboundary plant pests and animal diseases. Included in this issue is the SOFA 2001 CD-ROM, containing time series data for 150 countries, country groups and regions in English, French and Spanish, together with the FAOSTAT TS software to ensure easy access and use.

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