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Straminipilous Fungi

Straminipilous Fungi presents a critical comparative review of the morphology and ultrastructure, morphogenesis, cytology, molecular biology and evolution of the biflagellate fungi. These organisms encompass the fungi formerly called oomycetes; taxonomically related heterotrophs studied by mycologists; plasmodiophorids and other heterotrophs. Appropriate comparisons are made with chromophyte algae, marine heterotrophs and chytridiaceous fungi. Little-known taxa which have been referred to the various orders of flagellate fungi are also listed together with citations. A new hierarchical classification is presented which is supported by systematic accounts and synoptic keys. Dichotomous keys based on habitat and habit are given to all known species of lagenidiaceous fungi, labyrinthulids and plasmodiophorids. A unique 'one stop' reference resource for plant pathologists is provided by the binominal lists, including host-related lists for the downy mildews. The book, including ca 4000 references, is a major text for post-graduate and research workers, particularly freshwater and marine biologists, soil ecologists and plant pathologists.
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