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Studies of Sustainable Agriculture and Animal Science in sub-Saharan Africa

African scholars discuss various aspects of the development of sustainable agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa like constraints of food production, fragile and vulnerable ecosystems, soil fertility, land tenure system, crop protection and woman's role as well as policy and management, socio-economic and cultural aspects, ecological features, soil productivity and land availability, freshwater access and irrigation, plant nutrient supply, genetic resources and bio-diversity. In the second part living conditions of animals in sub-Saharan Africa are investigated. Due to the fact of numerous animal diseases and a limited access to international markets, the improvement of the health of domestic animals and nomadic pastoralism is discussed. Topics are lifestyle and hazards of nomadic pastoralism and measures for improvement, constraints to domestic animals and milk production, environmental factors, animal rights and government regulations, animal marketing and slaughtering.
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Environmental Management
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Nov. 2004

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