The Genus Aspergillus: From Taxonomy and Genetics to Industrial Application

Agriculture, Aflatoxins, and Aspergillus; P.J. Cotty, et al. Biosynthesis of Aspergillus Toxins-Non-Aflatoxins; M.O. Moss. The Molecular Genetics of Aflatoxin Biosynthesis; J.W. Bennett, et al. Aspergillus Toxins in Animal Feeding Stuffs; K.A. Scudamore. Aspergilli in Feeds and Seeds; J. Lacey. Antiinsectan Effects of Aspergillus Metabolites; D.T. Wicklow, et al. Aspergillus Spoilage; B. Flannigan, A.R. Pearce. Industrial Fermentation and Aspergillus; A.G. Brooke. Regulation of Organic Acid Production by Aspergilli; C.P. Kubichek, et al. Aspergillus Enzymes and Industrial Uses; K. Oxenbol. Industrial Aspects of Soy Sauce and B.J. Fermentation Using Aspergillus; K.E. Aidoo, et al. Aspergillus and Fermented Foods; P.E. Cook, G. Campbell-Platt. The ARpI Aspergillus Replicating Plasmid; J. Clutterbuck, et al. 15 additional articles. Index.
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