The Neglected Ape

Orangutan: Man of the Forest: Of Human Fear and Indifference: The Plight of the Orangutan (G. Kaplan, L. Rogers). The Neglected Ape? (H.D. Rijksen). Orangutan, Science and Collective Reality (A.L. Rose). The Impact of Socioeconomic Decisions on the Status of the Orangutan and Other East Asian Fauna (A.A. Eudey). Conservation, Translocation and Rehabilitation: Conservation of Orangutans: Threats and Prospects (J. Sugardjito). Capture of Wild Orangutans by Drug Immobilization (L.K. Hiong et al.). Rehabilitation Centers: Their Struggle, Their Future (I. LardeuxGilloux). A New Approach to Orangutan Rehabilitation in Indonesia: Some First Results (W.T.M. Smits et al.). Demography: Introduction to the Orangutan PHVA Workshop (K. Soemarna et al.). Using GIS to Evaluate Habitat Risk to Wild Populations of Sumatran Orangutans (T. Faust et al.). Orangutan Life History and VORTEX Analysis (M. Leighton et al.). Estimates of Orangutan Distribution and Status in Sumatra (van Schaik et al.). Estimates of Orangutan Distribution and Status in Borneo (H.D. Rijksen et al.). Conservation Action Plan for Wild Orangutans in Indonesia (K. Soemarna et al.). Population Estimates and Habitat Preferences of Orangutans Based on Line Transects of Nests (C.P. van Shaik et al.). Social and Cognitive Behavior: The Orangutan: A Social Outsider? A Socioecological Test Case (J.A.R.A.M. Van Hooff). Behavioral Changes in Wild Male and Female Sumatran Orangutans during and following Resident Male Takeover (S.S. Utam, T.M. Setia). Imitation and Tool Use in Rehabilitant Orangutans (A.E. Russon, B.M.F. Galdikas). Attentiveness in Orangutans within the Sign Learning Context (G.Shapiro, B.M.F. Galdikas). Sociality of Adolescent Female Orangutans in the Wild (B.M.F. Galdikas). Basic Science and Captive Maintenance: Follicle Stimulation and Ovum Collection in the Orangutan (C.S. Asa et al.). Sexual Behavior of Orangutans: Basic Science and Applied...
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