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The Ultimate Health Issue with guest editor Gideon Forman (Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment) explores environmental issues with significant health impacts – toxics, pesticides, local food, resource extraction – that are poised to be key issues in this election year. The issue also captures the momentum of increasing efforts – and successes – by mainstream health organizations and medical professionals to protect the health of their patients by taking political action on environmental issues.

Apr. 2015

Some of the highlights:

  • David Colby and John O’Connor’s personal accounts of backlash after speaking out against the Alberta tar sands and in defence of wind power.
  • The pros and cons of nuclear power in relation to human health.
  • A look at the tactics being used in the fight against neonicotinoid pesticides and the battle to save Ontario`s pollinators.
  • The role of green space in mitigating mental health concerns.
  • An examination of prominent paleodisasters in Western Canada and the importance of preparing for them, should history repeat itself.

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