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Weedy rices - origin, biology, ecology and control (En)

Series: FAO Plant Production and Protection Papers

This publication presents a compilation of information from literature reviews on the body of knowledge available from ongoing unpublished research, research reports and symposia carried out on various aspects of the importance, ecology, biology and control of weedy rices. It also highlights global economic and environmental problems created by weedy rices, including red rice types. This document is a result of FAO partnership arrangements with institutions of excellence to generate information that will be for general public use in an attempt to fulfil the goal of food security.

Since this publication will interest a wide range of stakeholders - policy-makers, scientists, technicians and producers - including those interested in rice crop research, production, rice milling for commerce, quarantine regulations and seed trade, an attempt has been made to define weedy, wild and red rice so as to engender a common understanding of various aspects of this group of pests. The information provided will contribute to the better knowledge of weedy rices throughout the world.
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