World Forests, Markets and Policies

This book offers information and insights into the potential of market and policy instruments in improving the state of the world's forests. It advocates the use of the concept of optimal mix of markets and policies as an approach to view the appropriate and operational roles of market and government in dealing with forestry issues. It does not offer a list of policy recommendations to be used as a general tool to combat the threats facing the world's forests. Obviously, the optimal mix of markets and policies must depend on the varying national and local conditions and, more specifically, on the level of development. The contents of this volume are organized in five Parts. Part I, Editorial Perspectives, briefly reviews the outline of the book and analyses the balanced use of markets and policies to support world forests towards sustainable forest management. Part II reviews changes and trends in society and environment outside the forest sector. After all, the evolution of forestry and forest industries is more dependent on these external changes than on changes internal to the sector. Two important aspects that may strongly affect the future of the forest sector are covered: the potential of wood biomass in replacing oil and the global freshwater outlook. Part III focuses on the importance of forests and is primarily aimed at those outside the forest sector. Current innovations in information technology and the fast removal of government regulations have enabled forest industry corporations to invest on a larger scale in optimal locations worldwide. The rapid expansion of forest plantations in the South is a response not only to globalization but also to the expanding conservation pressures in the North. Part IV is the global forum that introduces a few topical forest sector issues affecting the world as a whole. However, these tend to be very complex and can rarely be adequately covered from a single perspective. Therefore,...
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